Femke Legué
My work is characterized by a playful approach, I take my surroundings and put it in a blender to create a vibrant and playful mess. I work with bright colors, bold and fluid line-work, playful composition and hand lettering in the same vibrant and fluid style. I like to so to speak take the subject apart, cut it up and glue it back together to create an illustrated collage but always try to keep a textured and not too clean looking end product, in my work I want people to see that it is made by hand. I apply this method of working to any medium I work with such as illustration, printmaking and animation and try to learn as much as possible to feed my curiosity and love for learning. This way of playing and learning is what I love about making. My favorite part of my work is the process of starting with an idea and letting the process take it where it wants to go. I keep my work authentic to who I am at heart: a playful, vibrant, fluid and curious illustrator.

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